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Mar 6, 2012 4:00am PST
miller tried to help a family of five surviving a tornado in indiana in his mobile home. but is what them away ultimately killing all 5 including a 14 month old. he survived the said that he saw death at his door. >> i told the kid down. get down and i said they down flat and get enclosed. that's the only thing i remember saying and then i started crying. >>reporter: and mother in indiana successfully use her body to shield her two kids she ended up losing one leg above the knee in the other above the ankle. >> and her i was reaching around holding them and trying to keep everything away from them so i did not hit them. i had to stilbenes on my leg and i cannot move. i was up. >>reporter: and then in misery got something precious back. burn but a >> an engagement ring and put my wife in years ago i of the feeding and goodness until i got where was that. >>reporter: on lock fema has started damage accessment in the hard-hit town of west liberty. >> we will do everything we can to try to help these good folks rebuild their lives. >>justine: the national weather service says it is 42 to
Mar 7, 2012 6:00am PST
42 tornadoes struck 10 states killing 40 people includes 13 in indiana. a massive brushfire is sending smoke and flames in arizona. >>mark: so far there is a zero containment on the blaze. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. at >>mark: the opening bell on wall street, looking for a bit of a rebound. the dallas of over to the point. >>darya: police are trying to figure out the motive of the shooting that happened last night in sunnyvale. there were two bodies found inside the home field ec here. >>mark: the wins have been boy and around the bay area. craig skalar has more. >>craig: the city of san francisco has closed this off. >>james: temperatures in the 40's with a few thirties. this afternoon, sunny and mild by noon with temperatures in the '60s. this evening, 8:00 p.m. and beyond will cool down as clear skies with all the warmth that we accumulate over the bay will escape. here is a look at your current wind speeds. >>george: as we are monitoring the high winds, it does not seem to be as bad today as it was yesterday. your ride on the san mateo bridge
Mar 1, 2012 4:00am PST
with section. it also hit states like indiana, kansas, kentucky, tennessee, and missouri. >> we stand ready to work with them with anything that they need to make sure that they're back up and operating. >>reporter: that will be thursday's theme throughout this region, getting back up in the midst of destruction and hoping that they do not see anything like this again. >> i hope and pray that it does not kill anyone else because let me tell you this is the worst experience to wake up to. >>justine: and other system is forecasted just like the one that went through the other day it is expected to pass through the midwest. we will fall this and bring you the very latest. >>james: we will take a quick break, so far so good, traffic is like in the roads are dry. did i mentioned earlier, we do have some light showers in napa and sonoma. we will let you know of that will triple down into the heart of the bay, we will be right [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 37 billion! and
Mar 5, 2012 4:00am PST
. an indiana toddler named angel backcock who was found in a field after the tornado destroyed their family mobile home died yesterday. she was taken off life support. the 15-month-old's death brings the overall toll now from friday's storms to 39. that's across five states. >>> kentucky has suffered the most fatalities with 21 people dying there. indiana has lost 13 people. there were three deaths in ohio and one each in alabama and georgia. rescuers are still going door to door in rural areas just to make sure there are no other victims buried under the rubble. in hard hit henryville, indiana, cell phone signals have been hard to find. the internet has been out and electricity is out. >>> much different area in the bay area. >>> there are foggy continues. we're clear inland but coastal clouds and fog to deal with. stps are in the -- temperatures are in the 40s. here's where you see visibility under a quarter of a mile, those areas in red. so a little foggy in spots. we'll have a extended forecast coming up in a minute and talk about the rain expected to come to the bay area overnig
Mar 7, 2012 4:00am PST
10 states on friday killing 40 people including 13 in indiana. >>darya: a massive brushfire is sending smoking in flames into the air over buckeye, arizona. 300 a. have been scorched. emergency crews have zero containment. it started as a controlled burn from a former that quickly grew out of control. >>mark: in hawaii, a man lost his home to lock up. it was consumed by law on saturday. he managed to escape with only a few of his belongings. he had lived there for over 30 years. he has watched every nearby home gets swallowed up by the law of. >>justine: right after the break i will show you video out of hawaii that shows massive flooding. that is coming up and about 10 minutes. >>mark: the california stories we are following, the state will have to cough up more than 700 million a year to repay the billions required to build the first phase of the high-speed rail train between l.a. and to the bay area. sfax the figures did not include the millions already been faked paid towards the 500 million in debt. >>darya: just bush explains with the city has in mind for sports teams in
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5